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Unique features:

  • jQuery animations while hovering and scrolling (Scrollorama)
  • Switchable content for articles and videos
  • Custom Twitter feeds that change with the switchable articles


Navigator Boxes

Navigator is one of SixDI’s consulting products. We developed a custom experience for Seton Healthcare Family that included articles, a D3js diagramming app to visualize their ecosystem, and a tree view of their ecosystem with info cards for each group and company.

My contributions to the development process:

  • Twitter integration
  • CSS styling for info cards
  • Navigation
  • Article and info card layout (using Isotope), text styling, and image layout
  • WordPress setup for articles, including image thumbnails and RSS feed customization
  • Researching D3js and choosing visualizations to use


StandUSA is built on WordPress and Bootstrap.

  • The front page features a slider with a custom design. Buttons shrink or stack for smaller devices.
  • Both navigation and content are responsive.
  • A custom number and category of most recent News posts are displayed on the home page.
  • The “StandUSA Is Following” section aggregates 6 random Thought Leaders and National Organizations.
  • Instructed article editors on how to use WordPress and provide content that follows best practices, including linking, permalinks, image types, sizes, and alignment; answered questions and provided QA
  • Designed the category structure in WordPress that the Facebook app uses through RSS

Last Ounce of Courage

I created an online store for the movie, Last Ounce of Courage, to sell DVDs, Blu-Rays, and church licenses. I worked directly with our client to meet all her requirements, from major features to design tweaks.

We had already built a site for Last Ounce of Courage on WordPress, so I researched WordPress e-commerce plugins to find a combination that would work.

The site required these features:

  • Taxes: Get current tax information based on shipping zip code (required an extra plugin and a spreadsheet of tax information)
  • Product Options and Pricing Tiers: Churches can purchase a small, medium, or large church license
  • Tax Exemption: Customers must specify whether they are tax exempt or not, and if so, they must provide their Tax ID
  • Affiliates: Provide a way to add affiliates, track their earnings, and easily pay them (required an extra plugin)
  • integration (required an extra plugin)
  • Assure that customers that purchase a church license understand they must email or mail the license agreement

One of our designers mocked up main store pages for DVD/Blu-Ray sales and church license sales, and I styled the store to match the mockups, which required CSS and subtheming store template PHP files.

Then I styled the rest of the checkout pages to match, and I made a few adjustments to the templates and settings, so the user experience would be simpler while still delivering the project on schedule.

Our client was pleased with the result, and I provided guidance on how to manage orders and affiliates.


Voter HQ

We delivered a voter information site for a client for the 2012 election, featuring social and news feeds powered by FeedMagnet and Isotope, comprehensive voter information for each state (from absentee ballots to past election results), editorial articles, thought leaders based around conservative values, congressional candidates, and national election candidates.

My responsibilities:

  • Editing the HTML based on mockup changes and styling with CSS/LESS
  • Using Django template tags
  • Enhancing the user experience with a manager, graphic designers, and other developers
  • Collaborating with a development team and content editors to pull the site together in a crunched time frame so the site could gain traction before the election



  • Edited the HTML and CSS mockup to meet design and content specifications
  • Created two new page layouts
  • Changed colors, sizing and spacing

WordPress Site

  • Replicated CSS changes in template files
  • Added content and images